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时时彩app源码:ICBC Credit Suisse Fund Yuan Fang: Nuggets Cenozoic consumer "Blue Ocean"

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内容摘要: 2018 Stock Market Good Start, Consumption Plate Continues to Lead the Market, ICBC Credit Suisse Consumer ConfidenceMixedYuan Fang, the pro...

2018 Stock Market Good Start, Consumption Plate Continues to Lead the Market, ICBC Credit Suisse Consumer Confidence Mixed Yuan Fang, the proposed fund manager, believes that the overall trend of consumer spending in 2018 will remain stable. With long-term market competition cleared, and Supply-side reform, industry consolidation, concentration increased, the stronger the trend will continue.

As the head of entertainment and consumer research team of ICBC Credit Suisse Research Department, ICBC styling industry managed by Yuan Fang Equity Fund Following the lead of the same type in 2016 after gaining the third place in 2016, X. Combined with Galaxy Securities and data, the cumulative return of ICBC Style Fund was 53.8% since its establishment at the end of 2015, with an annualized return of 23.39%. Outperforming performance benchmark of up to 87.63% since its establishment.

For the rise in consumer spending stocks in 2017, Yuan Fang considers Davis' valuation and performance double. The improvement in valuation is mainly due to the suppression of the valuation of blue chip stocks, including consumer leading companies, over the past few years Obviously, with the change of market style and substantive promotion of interconnection of capital markets, the valuation of blue chip stocks has been concentrated in 2017. At this moment, while the overall consumer sector valuation level has risen on a year-on-year basis, it is still at a reasonable level on a global scale. The cost-performance ratio is still better than that of international counterparts if further consideration is given to the performance growth of domestic consumption leaders.

Consumption sector has become the cradle of Niu shares due to stable growth of performance. In the past 2017, the consumer sector showed a strong performance. The CSI Consumer Index rose 55.98% over the same period of last year, outperforming the CSI more than 40% over the same period. Yuan Fang team concluded that the new generation of consumers in the clothing, food, shelter, transportation, shopping, entertainment, and traditional consumers in the consumer preferences are very different. When talking about the investment logic of the new generation of ICBC consumer mix, Yuan Fang simply summed up as "grasping the investment opportunities during the change of consumer behavior in the new generation and selecting the companies with potential growth faster and with reasonable or low valuation. "ICBC's new generation consumer fund focuses on high-quality listed companies related to the new generation of consumer investment, the new generation of consumer refers to the service to the new generation of groups as the goal of related industries, including the new generation to meet the basic necessities of daily necessities consumer services, Optional consumer services that meet the spiritual, cultural and physical well-being of the Cenozoic groups, and other consumer services that satisfy the experiential needs of the new generation of consumer groups.

Yuan Fang said that the new generation of consumer topics related to the field of investment opportunities in a wide distribution, including , catering and tourism, medicine, education, sports, home appliances, light industry, retail trade food and beverage, textile and clothing , forestry, animal husbandry Fishing, new energy vehicles covered by the automotive and chemical industry, Delivery logistics , Finance, media, communications, electronics, Internet, computers, shared services, shared economy and many other industries, will be concerned about.

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